Thursday, 20 November 2008

More Tree Sparrows, 19th November 2008

First of all I just want to moan about the fact that work gets in the way of birding. Now I am not trying to say that in these days of 'credit crunch' (whatever that is!) that I would like to find myself unemployed with plenty of time on my hands, just...well I wish I had more time to get out birding. I think what I am saying is that I want my cake and..., you know what I am saying. The reason for this moan is that at the moment the only time I am finding for birding is a quick dash during the day to my feeding station to feed the ever increasing hordes of ravenous Tree Sparrows.

I had been working in the Out Rawcliffe area this morning so on the way back to my office I called in at my feeding station to put a bucket of seed down. The Tree Sparrows had definitely increased and the 239 I counted was the highest count for the winter so far. The forecast for the end of the week is for it to go northerly and get quite cold. Hopefully that will bring a few more birds into the feeding station so I will have to make sure that it is kept stocked up.

I trimmed a few sticking out hawthorn branches to prevent them snagging my nets next time I am out, said a prayer to the 'God of calm weather' and headed back to work. In my flying visit the only other thing I had of note were 2,450

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