Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rain Prevents Play

I called at my feeding station yesterday at Rawcliffe Moss on my way home from work. My intention was to feed the Tree Sparrows and then have a walk round the Moss prior to dusk. However this wasn't to be as it was absolutely lashing it down when I got there. So it was literally a quick dash down the track with two buckets of seed and then a dash back up again! During my dashing I did have 2 Yellowhammers and 35 Tree Sparrows.

I find it highly entertaining and interesting, as you may have guessed, looking back at my old note books. On this date (20th October) in 1984 I had twitched a Red-throated Pipit unsuccessfully at Moreton on the Wirral in Merseyside. The weather was appalling with a gale force westerly wind and some heavy showers. Dipping on the Red-throated Pipit we turned our attention to the sea and had an amazing 3 dark morph Arctic Skuas and 6 light morph, 1 dark morph and 1 immature Pom Skua fly west really close in! Absolutely amazing. We then went to Seaforth and had 12 Little Gulls, an adult winter Grey Phal, 20 Kittiwakes and an adult winter Black Tern! What a difference 25 years makes!

I have no pictures to post today other than the Yellow-rumped Warbler sent to me by Nigel from Canada. Cracking bird!

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