Saturday, 20 March 2010

Singing In The Rain

I don't why I have given today's blog the above title as there was definitely no singing as I trudged around Rossall School at 6.00 a.m.! perhaps I should have been singing Zep's 'Rain Song' out loud as I wandered around to cheer myself up!

Even though it wasn't fit for ringing I thought I had better go to the 'obs' mainly for continuity of coverage and in the hope that I might get a grounded Wheatear or two in the rain. I think the rain set in too early last night and certainly too early for any night migrants to set off and then get grounded because of the rain.

Walking round there were good numbers of Wrens singing and I had at least four singing males. Perhaps a hint that they might not have been too badly affected by the cold winter. We won't really know the true effect of the winter until the end of the breeding season.

The only sign of migration were the Meadow Pipits and Alba Wagtails that were heading north in low numbers despite the rain and low cloud. I had 26 Meadow Pipits and three Alba Wags go over. There was no chance of taking any pictures this morning so below is a picture of Meadow Pipit from a couple of weeks ago.

I did a full circuit of the obs and drew a blank other than a Fox close to the 'north' hedgerow. With soaking clothes and fogged up optics I decided to call in at Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park and have a quick look on the pools and the grass airfield of the aero-modellers club that can attract good numbers of Wheatears and later in the spring chats.

I was fighting a losing battle trying to keep my optics clear of water so it was a brief visit and on the pools I had twelve Coots, female Goldeneye, a pair of Great Crested Grebes, two Little Grebes and thirteen Tufted Ducks. Despite the rain three Skylarks sang their hearts out that lifted my spirits somewhat.

Interestingly back at home a little later in the morning I had a flock of 25 Redwings drop out of the murk calling. They circled round and then headed north.

The forecast is looking better for tomorrow (although there is the chance of some early fog) and we might even get some ringing in.

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