Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I don't think 'Swallowling' is a technical term for a young Swallow but I thought it sounded good. Mind you it does sound as though I have gone all 'Springwatch' on you and less hard core birder! Eek!

Yesterday evening Ian and I went to a friend's farm near Treales to ring some Swallow pulli. That's better; 'pulli' a proper scientific name. We found three nests with young in. We ringed 11, a brood of 6 and 5, but unfortunately the third brood were too small to ring. Based on the number of adults flying round there was probably another two nests but we failed to find them.

Swallow nest

A young Swallow

An even younger Swallow

I haven't done much birding of late as it is that funny time of year when it is hard work seeing anything. Never mind. I am away in Northumberland on holiday next week and when I come back I will be straight into the autumn ringing. That's right, I said autumn ringing as July is most certainly autumn in the bird world. Can't wait!


Robin Robinson said...

Adorable, and I kind of like 'Swallowling.' How about 'Swallowette?' But then, 'Pulli' is good. The first shot of it looking up almost looks like a Black-capped chikadee.

Fleetwood Birder said...

Swallowette, I like that!