Saturday, 26 February 2011

Preparations For Spring

Ian and I went to Rossall this morning to get the 'obs' ready for the spring and hopefully, weather permitting, our first ringing session of the year here will be next weekend. We had a disastrous start when I got my car stuck on a muddy track. Luckily Ian has 4x4 and he could tow me out. Both our vehicles looked like they had just finished the RAC Rally!

We planted 80 willow saplings along various net rides, extended one or two and created a new one across a ditch. The new ditch net ride will hopefully intercept birds 'skulking' and moving along the hedge and ditch.

Newly planted Willows along the 'track' net

Ian hard at work clearing a new net ride across the ditch

More Willow planting next to the Redpoll net

Changing the subject completely have a look at this and then watch the stunning film about the 'shade grown coffee project'.

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