Thursday, 28 February 2013

That Time of Year Again

I had to spend some time working on nest boxes this afternoon as Spring is rapidly approaching and I needed to have enough spare boxes for any replacements of my Pied Flycatcher or Tree Sparrow boxes. Gail will be treated to a day's nest box repair and maintenance on Sunday, but she doesn't know it yet!

 The top four boxes were built by my own fair hands 
and the bottom ones kindly donated to us.

Whilst working on my boxes this afternoon this little fellow was picking up 
sunflower hearts that the Goldfinches had dropped. As long as he/she 
stays outdoors it will be okay!

I made a brief visit to my feeding station yesterday and logged a male Yellowhammer, 18 Corn Buntings, a drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker, 12 Chaffinches, a Little Owl, 200 Lapwings, 80 Tree Sparrows and two Long-tailed Tits.

A brief visit to feeding station number 2 to feed the Turnstones this morning resulted in 80 coming to the food with eight leg-flagged birds amongst them.

 If you look carefully you can see two leg flagged birds amongst these 

The forecast is looking settled for the next couple of days so I am hoping to perhaps have a last ringing session at my feeding station Saturday morning before switching my attention to the coast next week in readiness for Spring migration at the obs. I can't wait!

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