Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Belated March Ringing Totals

You will see over on the right that I have updated the ringing totals for Fylde Ringing Group up until the end of March. The total of 901 birds ringed is 447 down on where we were this time last year, so let's hope for a good breeding season to pick things up.

Eight new species were added to the totals during March and these were Stock Dove, Collared DoveWren, Fieldfare, Nuthatch, Yellowhammer and Little Bunting. The Little Bunting was a first ringing record for the group and was caught by Phil at his feeding station on the moss. In fact the excellent finch totals are down to the hard work Phil puts in at this site.

This month's 'movers and shakers' were as follows:

1. Chaffinch - 107 (same position)
2. Goldfinch - 76 (same position)
3. Brambling - 54 (same position)
4. Reed Bunting - 48 (same position)
5. Great Tit - 36 (up from 8th)
6. Blue Tit - 31 (down from 5th)
7. Tree Sparrow - 20 (same position)
8. Turnstone - 16 (down from 6th)
9. Long-tailed Tit - 15 (same position)
    Siskin - 15 (straight in)

The top five species ringed during March were as follows:

1. Chaffinch - 30
2. Goldfinch - 27
3. Great Tit - 22
4. Brambling - 20
5. Siskin - 15
    Reed Bunting - 15

I don't want to say too much but the forecast is looking good for weekend with a large high pressure moving in stretching from Iberia with southerly winds! Say no more!

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Mallimak said...

Hopefully you'll have some good weather from the weekend right through next week for when I'm down in the area and hopefully a few good birds too.