Saturday, 15 June 2013


Just a brief update today. Ian and I checked the Kestrel box and there were five chicks and we managed to ring them all. This year the runt was only a little smaller than it's siblings. Interestingly we ringed them about a week later than last year and they were at a similar stage of development as last year, or even a little behind, so this cold Spring has affected raptors as well as insectivores in terms of timing of breeding. Kestrels do seem to be struggling a bit nationally, but this pair always seem to do well and I think it is the choice of prey items that they have; small mammals in the rank grassland, Common Lizzards from the dunes and waders from the shore.

 Kestrel chick

The forecast is a bit marginal for mist netting tomorrow, so I will just concentrate on birding around the obs. However, even if it wasn't marginal I don't think that I would have a ringing session in the reedbed and scrub because 'everything' is late this year and there would probably be few juvs about. It looks like the start of autumn will have to wait for a couple of weeks!

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