Wednesday, 3 July 2013

North To The Land Of The Bonxies

Gail and I have just returned from a week on Orkney and what a fantastic week we had. Although not strictly a birding holiday we did spend some time birding as well as looking round all the amazing archaeological sites. Rather than ramble on in words I have just included a few pictures below of some of the birds we encountered. And even though I have used the word 'Bonxie' in the title I didn't manage to get any pictures of them. However, we encountered them everywhere and at first it seemed a bit surreal to see them flying over agricultural land when I am used to seeing them when I am staring into the teeth of a westerly gale!

 Atlantic Grey Seal. We came across this young animal whilst walking
round Hoxa Head.

Black Guillemots. We saw these at several sites.

Common Gull. Although this was an adult is was quite novel seeing
chicks at several locations.

Fulmars. We came across Fulmars anywhere there was any half decent nest
sites for them.

Guillemots at Marwick Head.

Lapwing. There were good numbers of breeding waders, mainly Curlew 
and Oystercatcher.

Distant Long-tailed Duck, quite a good record for June on Orkney.

Oystercatcher was b y far the commonest breeding wader.

Agitated Redshank guarding young.

Juvenile Wheatear. We encountered Wheatears all along the coast
along with Rock Pipits.


It's back to normal now and I can't wait to get back out at the obs now that autumn is here!

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Mallimak said...

It was good to see you both on my patch.

hopefully it has given you a taster for what these Northern Isles have to offer and I'll see you up here again.