Friday, 9 January 2015

End Of Year Totals

Over on the right you will see that I have updated the final ringing totals of 2014 for Fylde Ringing Group. Only one new species was added this month and this was seven Coot ringed by Craig and Huw. Below you will find the top five ringed for the month and the top ten 'movers and shakers'.

Top Five Ringed In December

1. Blue Tit - 65
2. Goldfinch - 55
3. Chaffinch - 32
4. Great Tit - 27
5. Greenfinch - 10

Top Ten Movers and Shakers

1. Swallow - 712 (same position)
2. Blue Tit - 347 (same position)
3. Goldfinch - 240 (up from 4th)
4. Great Tit - 220 (down from 3rd)
5. Reed Warbler - 164 (same position)
6.Chaffinch - 142 (up from 7th)
7. Meadow Pipit - 118 (down from 6th)
8. Greenfinch - 114 (up from 9th)
9. Robin - 112 (down from 8th)
10. Reed Bunting - 108 (same position)

I apologise for a lack of posts of late, but the weather has been appalling up here in the northwest with near constant wind and rain! I have been going to my feeding station every other day, but all I have been doing is dashing down to it, making a feed drop and dashing back to my car. Tree Sparrow numbers seem fairly stable at about a hundred, with lesser numbers of Chaffinch and Yellowhammer.

The forecast for tomorrow looks equally grim with showers and a 30 - 35 mph westerly wind. It looks like it might brighten up for a while mid-morning before rain comes in again in the afternoon. I'll see if I can get out somewhere during that mid-morning windy, but hopefully dry spell.


Warren Baker said...

The weather is unrelenting at the moment mate, all we can do is hang on in there :-)

The Hairy Birder said...

That's true Warren, but a weekend of no birding, other than a trip to my feeding station is a little depressing! Fingers crossed for some improvement soon.

Stringer said...

Hmmmm I despair.......

Maybe we should dig out the old baseball bat and visit Mr McMorn on a dark winters night to express our point of view ! ;-)