Friday, 10 July 2015

Tyto Alba

Yesterday teatime Kim and I went to check and ring some Barn Owl chicks. I say some, but there was actually just one. There were two when we checked about three weeks ago but unfortunately older sibling must have consumed younger sibling! Anyway the single Barn Owl chick was ringed and returned to its unusual nest site. The nest site is in a large plastic bucket that is attached to steel girder adjacent to a large grain bin. In fact when the chicks get to the stage that they can half-fly they relocate to the grain bin!

 Barn Owl

If you haven't done so already can I urge you to complete the consultation on the birds and habitats directive that the EU are undertaking at the moment. They refer to it as a fitness check, but it is actually more like an attempt to weaken the laws that protect our wildlife. Without this protection the numpty in 10 Downing Street would wreak more havoc on our beleaguered wildlife than he already has!

You can complete the consultation via the RSPB HERE or you can go straight to the EU consultation HERE

The forecast is looking a bit mixed for weekend with Saturday the better day and the only day with a half chance of doing some mist netting in the reedbeds. I've also got some Kestrels to check, so it should be a busy and bird filled weekend for me.

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