Thursday, 27 August 2015

Night And Day

The last time we ringed at the Swallow roost was on Monday night and we managed to ring 80, taking our total to 600 ringed so far. In addition to the Swallows we ringed three Sedge Warblers and a Whitethroat.

On the pools were six Little Grebes, a Teal and very little else. There was about a thousand Swallows roosting and nearby, but not so close as to make us worried, 5,800 Starlings roosted! Four House Martins hawked insects earlier on and were accompanied by a single Swift. Walking back to our cars in the darkness we heard a Common Sandpiper go over.

By day I've been working in north Cumbria again this week and below are a few snapshots from this weeks office window. I finished my days work off with a swift pint in probably one of, if not the, best pub in northern England, the Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket. They brew all their own real ale in the brewery at the back and it is superb!

The forecast is looking 'iffy' for any Swallows this evening, so I might have to forsake a few beers on Friday night to do some ringing!

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