Friday, 25 December 2015

Goose For Christmas!

It wasn't supposed to rain this morning until eleven, but they're was some light drizzle as I drove to the coast in the semi-darkness. My first bird this morning was a Barn Owl hunting over the farm fields, so that was a good start to a Christmas morning's birding.

I found some shelter in front of the tower and set my scope up.I had full cloud cover with a 15 mph south-southwesterly wind with light showers. As the tide ran in Oystercatchers and Sanderlings gathered on the beach and I had 363 and 172 of each respectively.

By now the rain was coming in from the west and the bay became 'locked down' in murk and consequently I had nothing on the sea other than four Cormorants, a Common Scoter and three Red-breasted Mergansers. It was at this point that I decided to head home.

On my way home I had a look on the geese fields and there were 400 Pink-footed Geese, but I couldn't see anything amongst them. A flock of 120 Lapwing went over heading east and a Kestrel made up the supporting cast.

The forecast is really grim again for tomorrow with more rain so I am not sure when I'll next get out.


Warren Baker said...

Oh well, at least you got out mate! The weather is so crap now, maybe it's best just to give in to temptation and enjoy the holidays at home!

Happy Christmas mate!

The Hairy Birder said...

And a Happy Christmas to you Warren!