Friday, 29 January 2016

What A Weary Week!

I don't need to tell you what the weather has been like of late and as a consequence I have been seeing very little. I've been out, but nothing is changing, and it hasn't been worth telling you that I haven't seen anything of note, but I suppose that's just what I am doing now!

Take the sea for instance, it has been very quiet throughout January and I fear it will remain so until we get in to spring. Last weekend I spent an hour seawatching, and at the end of it all I had was a single male Red-breasted Merganser, six Cormorants and 42 Pink-footed Geese. And that's why I was just there for an hour!

There were a few waders knocking about including 407 Oystercatchers, 22 Sanderlings and 30 Ringed Plovers. Of the most interest were a nice flock of 40 Linnets and a single Siskin over.

I've been religiously topping up my feeding station every few days but it has just been the same old, same old! Bits and pieces barely worth mentioning have been 18 Magpies, a male Sparrowhawk, four Goldfinches, a Song Thrush, six Chaffinches, a Goldcrest and a Buzzard.

I've been checking the Geese all week and there has been about 400 Pink-footed Geese, but nothing else with them. Today there were 170 Lapwings in the fields as well.

 Pinkies this afternoon. A check of the Geese was preceded by a pint of 
real ale; the best way to check Geese!

So you can see I have been trying. Roll on spring!

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