Saturday, 4 June 2016

Must Try Harder

The plan this morning was to have a 'last gasp' spring sea watch at the Obs and see if there was still any waders moving through by checking the high tide roost. Sadly too much real ale put paid to those plans! I even set my alarm for 0600 to give me a bit of a lie in, but I woke up at 0550 and decided not to bother and switched my alarm off! So when I did get up later on I was annoyed with myself, but consoled myself by thinking there wouldn't have been much to see anyway!

So all I have to report is the contents of my moth trap run over last night. I caught the following:

Brimstone Moth - 1
Common Swift - 1 male
Large Yellow Underwing - 1
Light Brown Apple Moth - 3
Bright-line Brown-eye - 1
Small Square-spot - 1

 Common Swift

It's boxes for Gail and I tomorrow, and hopefully all the Pied Flycatcher chicks should be ready.

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