Sunday, 4 January 2009

Gulls, Waders and Wildfowl 2 - Ringers 0, 4th January 2009

This morning Craig and I ventured forth to Fleetwood Marine Lakes in attempt to ring some Black-headed Gulls by catching them by hand. A tall order you might think, but it does work, but not today! The Gulls were not interested and refused to play ball. Catching the Mute Swans however would not have been a problem but this was not our aim. I tried in vain to entice some Turnstones into one of my traps but no amount of enticing was going to make them go in.

We then switched sites and went to Stanley park in Blackpool where we tried again to catch some of the above Black-heads that were roosting on the frozen Lake. The picture below shows Craig valiantly attempting to tempt some Black-heads in with some lovely fresh 'value' bread from you know who.

Attempt was the operative word and no Black-heads came close enough, so we switched our attention to the Coots and wildfowl but to no avail. It was just one of those days that you put down to experience.

Year list = 56

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