Sunday, 14 June 2009

More Pulli is the Ordr of the Day...7th June 2009

Over recent weeks my weekends have slotted in to a routine of checking nest boxes with Craig and Gary at the Boar Park and then off to Barnacre and today was no different. As usual the first port of call was the Boar Park where we ringed 15 Pied Flycatcher pulli (brood of 8 and 7) and a brood of 5 Blue Tits.

Pied Flycatcher chick

It was more of the same at Barnacre where we ringed 16 Pied Flycatchers consisting of a brood of 7, 3 and 6. We then called at some farming friends of mine near Esprick and checked the outbuildings for Swallows. We found 6 broods of Swallows and only one nest had young big enough to ring which was a brood of 5. In addition to the Swallows we ringed a brood of 2 House Sparrows and 6 Wrens.

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