Tuesday, 22 December 2009

White Out

I had a problem this morning. There was quite a lot of snow and I needed to feed at two feeding stations; my office and Rawcliffe Moss. I knew that I would probably just about get to my office at Myerscough College, but Rawcliffe Moss was another matter. The only thing I could do was give it a go, so I threw my spade in the boot so I could dig myself out if I got stuck. I don't have a four wheel drive vehicle so I knew the journey would be interesting.

I got to Myerscough College okay, topped up the feeders and set off for Rawcliffe Moss. The lane to the moss was treacherous, but with a little care was passable. The above photograph shows the scene that greeted me as I pulled up at the barn.

Seed loaded up I headed down the track to the feeding station. It looked as though one or two vehicles had been down the track before me to Curlew Farm so that made things a bit easier.

I unloaded the seed and shovel, and set off down the track.

Essential equipment for operating a feeding station
in the snow!

The first birds I had were three Corn Buntings flying away from the feeding station which was completely covered in snow. These birds had probably learnt that there was a source of food here if needed, but today they would be disappointed. The two peanut feeders were still usable and were holding a few birds.

The Pheasant feeder had pulled a few birds in and ten Yellowhammers and four Tree Sparrows were in attendance. Some miserable looking Fieldfares and Blackbirds were along the track and hedge, and numbered thirteen and five respectively. At the feeding station itself there were only five Chaffinch and 45 Tree Sparrows.

Before I could put any food down I needed to clear away some snow. There was no point in scattering seed directly on top of the snow as it would shortly disappear in to it.

Before clearing

After clearing (and feeding)

Food down, I took a few pictures (below) of the 'snowscape' and trudged back to my car ready for the slippery drive home.

Looking towards Curlew Wood

Looking back towards the barn

The 'big field'

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