Friday, 28 May 2010

Farmland Bits and Bobs

I was hoping to be posting this evening and telling you how I had ringed a few Lapwing and Redshank chicks whilst surveying a farm in Bowland today. However, due to the inadequacies of the dealership that service my car I am having an enforced day at home without transport! The name of the dealership shall remain nameless, except to say that they manufacture Astras, Corsas, Vectras etc. Say no more!

Yesterday I was surveying a farm in the heart of Bowland, near Slaidburn. In fact this part of the world is more or less the exact geographic centre of Great Britain, or should I say Dunsop Bridge is but that's only a few miles away.

It has taken me two days to survey this farm and yesterday I was surveying the lower (southern) half of the farm which from an agricultural perspective it is more 'improved' than the higher (northern) half which has some good breeding wader habitat.

Even on this 'improved' bit there were some nice bits of habitat and in wetter, scrubbier areas I had Reed Bunting and Willow Warblers for example. Buzzards were ever present in the skies as were 15 Swifts hawking for insects. Close to the river I had 10 Sand Martins and a Dipper shot downstream.

Entering a piece of semi-natural ancient woodland I had my best bird of the day in the form of a calling Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Unfortunately I couldn't get on to it and had to be satisfied with just hearing it! 'Lesser Spots' are particularly rare in Lancashire these days and I would be hard-pressed to actually go to a known a site.

The River

Besides the 'Lesser Spot' I had a singing Redstart in the woodland and in a mature hedgerow close by, singing Lesser Whitethroat. Other than a few Grey Herons and a single Siskin over that was about all I had.

For something different, or quite usual on this blog, I am going to finish with a couple of pictures from my mate Nigel from Canada. These pictures have just been picked at random from some recent ones he sent me, so enjoy!

Indigo Bunting

How small is that Ruby-throated Hummingbird?!


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Sadly no Ruby throats back yet in NW Florida - locals say its to do with the cold winter they had.
You'da loved the music place we went since you went to see Lynryd Skynryrd not so long ago - can recommend it if your ever in that part of the world.
Congrats on your mega - at least as good as that plover thing at Seaforth


You doing owt at the open day - might bob along for a look see

Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello Dave,

When you say open day, do you mean the Myerscough open day? If so, then no, unfortunately I'm not.