Thursday, 15 July 2010

First For A Decade

I had just walked through the door from work this evening when my mobile rang and it was Ian to say that he was at Rossall Point and that the Ringed Plovers had hatched. Excellent news! Every year a few pairs attempt to nest but due to immense disturbance from 'dog walkers' they never manage to hatch any. I think over the years the local authority could have done more by perhaps zoning the beach, but that would be too much work and they only seem to want to pay 'lip service' to conservation matters.

Ringed Plover chicks

This particular pair of Ringed Plovers had been incubating 4 eggs but only 2 had successfully hatched. Or possibly the other two had hatched but had been predated. Anyway, I dashed up to Rossall and Ian ringed the 2 chicks.

I noticed on the beach that there were a number of returning waders in the form of Dunlin and Ringed Plover. If this weather keeps up there'll be a Storm Petrel or two around over the next couple of days.

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