Sunday, 20 March 2011

Short and Not So Sweet

The forecasters got it wrong again this morning, but I am not going to give them a hard time as it is difficult to forecast the weather and to be fair they got it right in terms of what was going to happen it was just that the timing was all wrong. It clouded over last night earlier than forecast but nevertheless I was still at Rossall for first light.

As I set off on my walk around the recording area I thought it seemed promising because straight away I had two Goldcrests which had presumably been grounded by the overnight weather conditions. It would then go rapidly downhill from here both in terms of a lack of birds and the weather! I had just about got to the dunes at the southern end of the recording area when it started to rain quite hard and it didn't let up!


Even in the drizzle there were a few birds on 'vis' heading from south to north and these included 5 Goldfinches, 38 Meadow Pipits, 8 Alba Wags, Grey Wagtail and 3 Siskins.

 Goldfinch (Ken Hindmarch)

It was very murky out at sea so I didn't bother looking and as I approached the usual spot where I sea watch two Kestrels were perched on the fence looking thoroughly miserable, if a bird can look miserable that is! As I apporached the dunes the drizzle turned to rain and I noticed that a section of the dune vegetation had been set on fire by some irksome little tw*ts.

 Burnt dune vegetation

I made my way back in the rain and other than 14 Common Gulls and 7 Blackbirds I recorded very little of interest. The weather is looking settled for the coming week with high pressure in charge. Doubtless there'll be some more arrival of migrants and hopefully I'll be able to get out for a morning or three before work.

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