Saturday, 18 June 2011

Chalk and Cheese

I met Ian at his house this afternoon to go and find two Ringed Plover chicks that Ian had located yesterday at Rossall. As we walked along the front to the spot where Ian had seen them yesterday, he mentioned the possibility of some Kestrels at the 'obs', but we didn't know what stage they were at or even if the box was accessible.

We found the Ringed Plover adults doing their best distraction display to try and lure us away from their young. I say 'they', but it turned out that it was just one. Obviously, the other chick had perished since yesterday, and in fact it is highly likely that they started with a brood of four. We ringed the remaining chick and released it back onto the shingle and fairly quickly it was being brooded by the female.

 Ringed Plover

Ten minutes later and we were putting a ladder up to the Kestrel box. Ian climbed up and reported that there were four chicks and all were a good size for ringing. They were feisty little buggers, but not as bad as Merlins! All four were duly ringed and placed back in the safety of their box.

Ian wrestling with, I mean ringing, one of the Kestrels!

Are you looking at me?

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