Sunday, 19 June 2011

More Kestrels!

Ian did it again today by finding some more Kestrels; this time they were using an old Crow's nest in some woodland. Ian and I went to the site this morning with my double ladders. The ladders were extended to their full extent and Ian then had to climb off the ladders and up to the nest. I told him that he was mad, but also that I was glad that he was mad as it was enabling us to ring some good birds!

In the nest were three Kestrel chicks at a similar stage of development as yesterdays. All three were ringed and safely placed back in the nest. The adults gave Ian a bit of stick, but that's only to be expected.

 Above and below: Ian climbing up  and off the ladder

 Ian ringing a Kestrel chick

One for the rogue's gallery!

Afterwards we called at a local site to look at some Bee Orchids and we found plenty. I took Gail back later to have a look as well.

Bee Orchid

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