Sunday, 21 August 2011

All's Not Well with Birders and Birding in the Fylde!

The only bit of bird news I have today is of a female/juvenile Marsh Harrier I had from my car as it crossed the road and headed south over Singleton this morning. I got up at 5.15 a.m. and it was p*ssing down so I decided to have a lie in instead. I am not particularly a fair weather birder but the lure of the warm bed I had just rolled out of and the knowledge that based on the weather there wouldn't be too much around, the temptation to get back in was too great.

It would seem that the Yellow Wagtail that Ian and I heard only at the Nature Park yesterday caused a bit of a stir amongst some birders this morning, with at least three people turning up to try and see it. As usual the Webmaster of bird records for Fylde Bird Club lifted this piece of information from my blog without permission, credited the source of the information as Rare Bird Alert (which is code for 'lifted from another website/blog without permission') and plonked it on the 'what's occurring section' of the FBC website. All this did was to mislead local birders who turned up today looking for the Yellow Wag 24 hours after we heard it! What's wrong with birding in the Fylde, or is it the same all over? It was just a Yellow Wag for flips sake! Yes I know they are declining, but put a bit of time in and you can still see several of them in a year; I do!

I could go on and on about this but I won't because it is rather pathetic to say the least. I'll finish by saying that I wish I was off work tomorrow because the forecast is great for a spot of ringing. I'll just have to try and get a bit of birding in between site visits at work tomorrow.


Stringer said...

Hi Seamus

At the end of the day, a public blog is public knowledge, no permissions needed (as I have found out myself in the past !). Also the likes of RBA and birdguides do check blogs, so although the news originally came from you, it is possible that it may have been through RBA before hitting this other local website.

The bottom line is..... if you don’t want some idiot year lister chasing birds all over your patch, don’t put locally scarce birds on your blog, or do so in such a vague manner as to be useless information !

I had some bloke try and twitch a ruff on my patch once, I personally consider this pretty pathetic, but it’s a strange old world and it takes all sorts I suppose......

Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello Gary, I am starting to come to the same conclusions. I think I will have to start being extremely vague about some of the sightings. I don't include all of my sightings on my blog as it is because of this. It is very pathetic and very sad. I just don't understand why these clowns don't go out and find their own birds. Cheers, Seumus