Thursday, 4 August 2011

Updated Totals

I have updated the ringing totals for Fylde Ringing Group in the panel to the right. During July two new species were added and these were Skylark (7 pulli ringed by Phil) and amazingly Song Thrush! How we have managed to get to July without ringing a Song Thrush I am not sure.

The top ten from our totals looks like this:

Tree Sparrow - 344
Siskin - 260
Goldfinch - 200
Swallow - 189 (straight in at number 4)
Chaffinch - 167
Lesser Redpoll - 154
Meadow Pipit - 131
Whitethroat - 115
Blue Tit - 94
Great Tit - 94

I'll need to sign off now as I have to go and ring some Swallows. Ian and I have been working a roost during the week, so I'll report more on that tomorrow.

Tree Sparrow

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