Tuesday, 7 February 2012

On The Moss

Just after lunch I called to 'top up' at my feeding station and as it was such a beautiful afternoon I decided to prolong my visit and have a wander across the Moss. At the feeding station were 164 Tree Sparrows and 17 Chaffinch.

As usual I headed north along the '97' hedge and it was soon very obvious that there were less Reed Buntings around as I only had 5 along here when I would normally expect at least double that. On my whole walk I counted 14 Reed Bunts but they were scattered across quite a large area.

 Reed Bunting

Across the other side of the 'big field' I had three Roe Deer. I bumped into Phil later who was ringing in the plantation and he said there was actually five. As I approached the wild bird seed plot a Barn Owl flew west and I could later see it over the plantation. In the wild bird seed plot were 89 Skylarks but little else.

 Roe Deer

Three pairs of Grey Partridge were recorded this afternoon; two pairs by me on my walk round and Phil had a pair in the plantation. There were 4 Buzzards thermalling over various bits of woodland this afternoon and the only other raptor I had was a male Kestrel.

In the stubbles 12 Stock Doves fed and I flushed 3 Brown Hares as I walked across. I stopped at the plantation for a natter with Phil, where a pair of Yellowhammers dropped in, and then it was time to head off the Moss.


The Actor said...

Could you tell me wherabouts this place is, please?

I think that I may have met you once. I was near Jameson Rd looking for bee orchids?

Alan Pavey said...

A nice mix of wildlife there and some good numbers of larks and sparrows.

Fleetwood Birder said...

Hello 'The Actor', Yes it was me you met whilst looking for Bee Orchids. The feeding station that I operate on Rawcliffe Moss is on some private farmland where I have negotiated access with the farmer for ringing purposes. In terms of access to the Moss itself there are numerous footpaths that cross if you just want to have a wander birding.

And thanks for the comment Alan.

Cheers, Seumus

The Actor said...

Is it easy access for a pedestrian? From what I've since found out about it I believe the roads aren't up to much. I can recall riding on them a few years ago and it felt like I was always about to slide off and in to the fields. :)

Fleetwood Birder said...

It is fairly easy access for a pedestrian in terms of walking, but I don't know what it's like to access via public transport. Yes, the roads are a little high and narrow in places due to the peat extraction on surrounding fields.