Friday, 3 February 2012

Where Did The Week Go?

The only birding I have done during this past frosty week has been my trips every other day to my feeding station on Rawcliffe Moss. The maximum counts at the feeding station have been 266 Tree Sparrows (best count of the winter so far), 4 Yellowhammers and 30 Chaffinch. One of the Little Owls has been present in its regular spot. It often is present in its regular spot, but because I see it on my way off site I forget to put it in my notebook and subsequently forget to put it on here!

 Little Owl

I usually have a look on the river on my way home and this week there has been 3 males and one female Goosander, but not a lot else. It's looking like we might get some sleet/snow from lunchtime onwards tomorrow, so I'll try and get a couple of hours 'in' in the morning.

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