Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nothing New

I'm not sure why I'm posting really as I haven't got much to report! Today looks as though it might be a good day for migrants but I am stuck indoors catching up on some work! On Sunday evening we tried a ringing session at the Nature Park because Dave was down from Orkney and he is trying to get his C permit. Four nets were set and we had them up for at least two hours and we caught four birds. Two Blackbirds and two Blue Tits! In fact we saw very little other than a male Wheatear and a couple of Linnets and Swallows.

 Blue Tit

 Yesterday I was on some moorland and in-bye land in east Lancashire carrying out a breeding wader survey and I saw very little migrant wise in the cold easterly breeze. On the tops were 6 male Wheatears and that was it. And the breeding waders were thin on the ground too, with just a couple of pairs of Curlew.

Fingers crossed I should be out in the next couple of days again.

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