Thursday, 7 June 2012

Red Hawks After Breakfast

Red Hawk is an old Lancashire name for the Kestrel, based on the colour of its plumage. Ian and I went to check one of our Kestrel boxes this morning and as Ian popped his head into the box he could see five young. Four out of the five were a good size, but there was one runt that was quite a bit smaller, and this bird wasn't ringed.

Ian ringing one of the Kestrel chicks

Kestrel chick


Bob Bushell said...

You seem to know what your doing, it is necessary to go ringing types of birds. The Kestrel looks like he/she doesn't mind.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Hairy birder! Thanks for the comment on my bog :-)

You may have read that I have a Kestrel nesting in a box on my patch, unfortunately in a private garden, I suppose the young ( if any) would be about the same age as the ones on your post today ?

The Hairy Birder said...

Hello Bob and Warren,

You're right Bob it is important to ring birds to build up valuable information tat can be used directly to conserve birds or be used as a basis to formulate conservation policies around.

I imagine your Kestels would be at a similar stage to our Warren, or even a bit further on perhaps due to you being further south than us.

Cheers, Seumus