Friday, 1 June 2012

U Turn on Buzzard Proposals

Have a look at Mark Avery's blog here to read about the government's u turn on their outrageous proposal to carry out research in to the most effective ways to control Buzzard numbers. Well done to everyone who voiced an opinion, shouted loudly, contacted their MP, publicised it via their blog or signed the online petition! 

Have a read of Phil's blog here to read a piece that was in the Daily Telegraph yesterday. One of the conclusions  you can draw from this article is what a tosser Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance is. The usual verbal diarrhoea was spouted from his lips; Buzzards affect songbirds and townies and city dwellers don't understand the countryside - yawn, yawn, yawn! As I said before, what a tosser!

On a more positive note I have some nest boxes to check tomorrow and hopefully some Pied Flycatcher chicks to ring, so I'm looking forward to that.

1 comment:

Stringer said...


The CUNTRYside Alliance live up to thier name again, I bet they're livid now, hilarious !!

At last a bit of common sense, the twisted minority who make out they are the voice of the countryside get shown up for what they really are...

Mind you, gotta feel sorry for all these songbirds that are getting decimated by these evil buzzards, FFS !! Nowt to do with rich landowners raping the countryside of course.....