Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Disastrous Start, A Quiet Middle and a Reasonable End!

This morning Ian and I had decided to split up and concentrate on two different coastal areas of the 'obs' from both a ringing and migration monitoring perspective. However, I had a disastrous start to the morning when I got my car stuck on a bridge across a large ditch (don't ask!). This resulted in a phone call to Ian at 5.00 ask him if he would be kind enough to come along and drag me off the bridge with his 4 x 4. For one reason or another Ian couldn't 'work' the coastal site he had in mind and headed to one of the 'obs' reedbeds and ringed a nice selection of warblers. See Fleetwood Bird Observatory for details.

Eventually Huw and I erected a short length of nets at our site and only managed to ring 5 birds; a Wren, 3 Willow Warblers, a Reed Warbler and 2 Blue Tits. It was very quiet and there were few grounded migrants around other than a few extra Willow Warblers in addition to those we ringed.

 Willow Warbler

'Vis' was equally quiet with just a Swift over and 6 Snipe. We packed up after a short while and joined Ian in the reedbeds.

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