Monday, 24 September 2012

It's Wet Out There!

Rather foolishly, or was it optimistically, I went out this morning trying to locate any eastern gems that might have been grounded in the wet weather. After about an hour and a single Goldcrest and Robin I gave up. Unfortunately the rain came in before dark last night and would have blocked any movement of waifs and strays on the blustery easterly wind. It's remaining easterly until Wednesday, so I will be out scouring the obs again over the next couple of mornings.

Interestingly a quick scan of my notebooks for 2006 show that I was birding around the obs on the exact date in an easterly wind and I did have a few grounded migrants in the form of four Pied Flycatchers! I think I prefer to call it optimism.

Talking of migration I am off to see Professor Ian Newton this evening in Lancaster talking about migration, so I am looking forward to that. 

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Warren Baker said...

Optimism! Thats what got me out today :-) Soon got dampened down though!