Saturday, 13 October 2012

Aborted Ringing Session

I was looking forward to this weekend and also early next week as the forecast was giving light winds and easterlies and it looked perfect for three days of migration monitoring at the obs. It wasn't to be this morning! After listening to the rain on the conservatory roof for several hours in the night (that's the problem of living in a bungalow with a bedroom in the next room to the conservatory!) I got up at 5.15 a.m. and decided to call the ringing off then and let Dave and Huw know as they were travelling a lot further than me.

I've just looked at the forecast again and this rain could linger overnight along the coast of Lancashire. Typical! I will check again this evening and check several forecasts in triplicate before making a decision on tomorrow.

I spent a blustery morning yesterday on a clients farm in Bowland having a look at the grassland of various fields being managed for biodiversity, in this case waders and botanical diversity, to see if the sward height and structure aimed for had been achieved. Below you will find a selection of photographs taken as I walked round.

Ridge and Furrow

Upland stream in full flow

The fells bordering the farm and the Belted Galloways doing their stuff and 
opening up the sward

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