Friday, 5 October 2012

Wandering Youngsters

We received some details from the BTO today of recoveries connected to the obs. Two in particular involved wandering youngsters and were quite interesting. The Google Earth image below shows the direction of movement of a Kestrel, from the obs to South Walney and a Swallow from Wrexham to the obs.

The Kestrel was ringed from a brood of three on 19th June 2011 and was using a natural nest site, perhaps an old crows nest. This bird was found dead at South Walney on 28th January 2012 and was reported as being found freshly dead. Unless the bird travelled around Morecambe Bay it is likely that the bird headed 19 km northwest and flew straight across the bay to spend the winter in the South Walney area. On a clear day South Walney is clearly visible from Fleetwood and I have seen young Kestrels before head out across the bay, but they usually turn back. 

This might well have been the bird as it was one of the brood of three ringed 
that day

It is well known that Swallows will disperse over a wide area and in all directions after fledging before they commence their journey south to Africa. This Swallow was ringed as a chick at Gesford, Wrexham as part of a brood of five on 19th June 2012. We then caught it with other Swallows roosting on 30th July 2012, 93 km to the north of where it was hatched.

The weather isn't looking too bad for weekend and fingers crossed I'll get out ringing at the obs on both days. Sunday looks like the better day in terms of arriving autumn migrants as the wind veers NNE and then ESE; perhaps I'll get my first Redwings of the autumn.

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