Sunday, 16 December 2012


This morning Graham, Huw, Ian, Phil and I had our first catch of Turnstones at the feeding station. As I have mentioned before we are fitting leg flags to these birds in an attempt to:

- generate some information on wintering sites and distribution of wintering Turnstones in the northwest of
   England or further afield
- attempt to find out what the turnover of the birds wintering at the site is; where are they coming from to
   roost/forage at the site
- measure winter site fidelity and implications of disturbance if they show high winter site fidelity
- generate re-sightings to look at migration routes
- try to ascertain whether there are any relationships between wintering areas and breeding areas
- possibly measure phenology if we can catch them over a number years

We had a successful morning and caught 31 Turnstones, including a retrap from this site from January 2012. All were fitted with leg flags, so we need to put some time in trying to re-locate them and generate some re-sightings.


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