Friday, 25 October 2013

Tree Sparrow Numbers Increasing

It was pouring down again when I visited my feeding station this morning but just in case there was another goodie lurking I kept my bins with me and didn't leave them in the car. However I can report that I didn't see or should I say hear anything scarce!

It was pleasing to note though, that the Tree Sparrows had increased to 90 and there was also 10 Chaffinches and a single Great Spotted Woodpecker. Other single bird sightings were of a Buzzard and a Snipe.

I should manage a stagger around the obs tomorrow as the forecast rain isn't coming in until the afternoon, but it less clear what's happening to the weather on Sunday or Monday, other than a spot of seawatching might be in order!


Warren Baker said...

90 Tree Sparrows! Oh just for one here!

No nets out on Monday then :-)

The Hairy Birder said...

Unfortunately not Warren, too windy for nets.