Thursday, 13 February 2014

When Will It End?

I don't know about you but I'm getting fed up with this weather, it's never ending! Depression after depression from the west. I can't wait for Spring, and the first Wheatears should be up here with us in three weeks and five days; yippee!

I made the usual visit to my feeding station today and I parked up just about a hundred metres or so before the flood where the Green Sand has been frequenting. I walked along and sure enough the first signs of it being there were when I heard it calling flying from the floodl! If you are a desperate year lister the grid reference for the pool is SD43723 41820; that will get you within 18 feet! And please don't ignore the sign below that you might attempt to drive past, it is fairly clear I think. Even if you are on a bicycle you can't cycle down a public footpath, so you will need to leave it behind and walk.

I don't  want to dwell on this topic any longer other than to say I have been ringing and studying the wintering Tree Sparrows at this site for over ten years and have built up a good relationship with the landowners, local residents and Game Keepers and don't want that spoiling by the irresponsible behaviour of listing birders! It would seem that some birders, or should I say one interfering birder in particular who seems to to have set himself up as some sort of  champion of desperate birders, would think that this is okay and can't understand why I might I get slightly annoyed about the indefensible birders he tries to defend! I could use an expletive here to describe him, but won't waste my breath. On to more positive news now!   

It was late afternoon by the time I put the food down and the majority of the Tree Sparrows had gone off to roost so all I had was a Redwing, a Yellowhammer, six Chaffinches, five Stock Doves, ten Tree Sparrows, a Song Thrush and a Coal Tit. Out on the stubbles was a flock of 250 Lapwings with 80 Starlings.

I'm working over in West Yorkshire tomorrow for my sins and it is looking like it will be dry until lunchtime so I might see something in the morning, but I'm not sure what.

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