Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Southwest Scotland

Don't worry I haven't disappeared from the face of the earth or done something silly like given up birding; no last week I had a week in Scotland with my other half Gail. We had a great week with near perfect weather with just one day of showers. It wasn't a birding holiday as such, but of course birding is more of a way of life to me rather than an interest, so if I'm awake wherever I am I'm birding! Or taking note of all biodiversity of course.

Below are a few snaps taken during our week in Dumfries and Galloway.

Brown Hare

 Calaeverock Castle

The cottage we stayed in.

 English Stonecrop

Juvenile Grey Heron sunning itself

We visited a Red Kite feeding station and the following pictures were taken there.

 Putting the food out

 All Red Kites

The next four shots show a Red Kite swooping into the feeding table and taking some food.


Sheep's-bit Scabious

 Swallows were nesting in the porch to the cottage

 Sweetheart Abbey

Wild Thyme

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse


Warren Baker said...

Welcome back :-) Not that you wanted to come back though!

The Hairy Birder said...

Thanks Warren, it's good to be back on the patch but not at work!