Saturday, 12 July 2014

Twos and Threes

It was back to the reedbed for Ian and I this morning and it was a glorious morning with clear skies and absolutely no wind. Some cloud came in later in the morning which helps to take any glare off the nets from the sun. We didn't ring as many birds as last Sunday but nevertheless it was worth the early start.

Interestingly nearly every species we ringed this morning seemed to be in 2s and 3s, and we ringed 22 birds as follows (recaptures in brackets):

Reed Warbler - 2 (1)
Blackcap - 3
Reed Bunting - 2
Sedge Warbler - 3
Willow Warbler - 2 (2)
Wren - 3
Chiffchaff - 2
Goldfinch - 1
Blue Tit - 1 (1)
Lesser Whitethroat - 1
Whitethroat - 1
Dunnock - 1
Blackbird - (1)

 Reed Bunting

From a birding perspective we didn't have a great deal other than a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a Kestrel, 25 Coots, two Little Grebes and a Great Crested Grebe.

Back home I had a nice selection in my moth trap consisting of thirty moths of fourteen species, and these were just the ones I could identify. There were a few Pugs that I struggled with and several micros that I just can't do. My totals were:

Marbled Beauty - 6
Heart And Dart - 1
Gothic - 2
Scalloped Oak - 3
Common Wainscot - 2
V-Pug - 1
Buff Ermine - 2
Dot Moth - 6
Large Yellow Underwing - 1
Bright-line Brown-eye - 2
Garden Carpet - 1
Small Angle Shades - 1
Buff Arches - 1
Grey Arches - 1

 Scalloped Oak

Small Angle Shades

 Buff Arches

Buff Ermine

It's going to be too windy tomorrow for ringing at the Obs unfortunately, which is a shame as the series of weak weather fronts coming in from the west might stir things up a bit. I'll just have to have a stagger round and see what I can see. Oh for some fresh wader habitat!!!


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Gothic is a nice moth, have you had them before? Not had them here but now must check my Buddleia flowers and syrup feeder after dark.



The Hairy Birder said...

I have had them before D. In fact before I did any light trapping I used to do a bit of 'sugaring' and Gothic was one of the few moths I would get coming to my sugary potion!

Pete Marsh said...

Hi Seamus. Have you a pic of the Grey Arches, please? Would be great to have your records on MapMate to synch and use for the (current and next two years) national atlas


Pete (VC60 macro moth recorder)

The Hairy Birder said...

Hello Pete,

I haven't I'm afraid as I don't photograph everything. I try to, but invariably several escape when attempting to do so. No problem in letting you have my records. I did send you last years, and previous to that I forwarded them to Graham Jones, but I do know that you are VC60 macro recorder now. Do you want them at the end of the year or during the year; either way isn't a problem.