Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hardly Worth Reporting

I headed to the Obs this morning in the hope of a few grounded migrants, but unfortunately there had been too much rain during the night and I don't think any birds had got on the move. As I was driving there the heavens opened and I decided to divert to a more sheltered location where I could bird in the rain, rather than walk some of the more open coastal fields.

It soon stopped raining and I had 6 oktas cloud cover with a 10-15 mph southerly wind. Not unexpectedly it was quiet and from a grounded perspective all I had were five Goldcrests and ten Blackbirds. The vis was non-existent and I had a single Sparrowhawk that livened things up, or should I say calmed things down! I was walking through the pines and four Blackbirds in front of me were completely motionless as I approached them, and then I noticed the ghost-like appearance of a male Sparrowhawk perched up in the trees close by. Before I could get my camera out it lifted into the air and melted into the trees!

The forecast for tomorrow is for 25 mph southwesterly winds so it will be some seawatching for me!

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