Tuesday, 23 December 2014

More Winter Thrushes

Just a brief posting today after a brief visit to my feeding station. I didn't get out early today as 'her indoors' had some things she wanted shopping-wise and as she was at work and I wasn't, yours truly had to hit the supermarket. So at what would be normal morning birding first light I was pushing a trolley....., well I had a coffee first and had a little read of 'Birdwatch', before then pushing my trolley round Booths!

At the feeding station the usual suspects were present including two Yellowhammers, nine Chaffinches, 66 Tree Sparrows and a Grey Partridge. Bits and pieces as I walked down to the feeding station included four Grey Wagtails and 120 Lapwings.

I could hear a number of Thrushes calling and had a look on the field close to the woodland, and feeding in there were 90 Redwings, 24 Fieldfares and 300 Starlings. On my way home I called in at the flood and there was just two Green Sandpipers.

The forecast is looking okay for the next few days, just when for some of us the silly Christmas season prevents us from getting out. But not for me it doesn't, so I'll be out birding and enjoying the weather even on Christmas Day!


Warren Baker said...

Thats the spirit! A bit of Xmas day birding, cant beat it, no other people about!

The Hairy Birder said...

You certainly can't Warren!