Monday, 13 April 2015

Eyes Seawards and Ears Skywards

It was bl**dy cold this morning and the keenness of the 10-15 mph southeasterly wind took me by surprise. I'm glad it wasn't just me as Ian too was caught out with a lack of layers! I was hoping to be able to stand on top of the dunes so I could keep an eye on both the sea and the air space above my head, but it was just too cold and necessitated a retreat to the front of the tower for some shelter. The downside to this is that from a vis point of view you can't see what's moving behind, mind you without eyes in the back of your head maybe you can't anyway!

The sea wasn't exactly rocking this morning and my totals included 14 Eiders, 20 Common Scoters, six Sandwich Terns, five Red-throated Divers, four Red-breasted Mergansers, twelve Cormorants, three Mallards, five Shelducks and four Gannets.

The vis was particularly high in the clear conditions and you certainly needed a keen sense of hearing to pick up those high flying Tree Pipits! My vis totals were seven Alba Wagtails, 65 Meadow Pipits, 35 Linnets, 25 White Wagtails, three Tree Pipits, five Carrion Crows, 12 Goldfinches, four Curlews and three Swallows.

There were a few waders about this morning but as I was static I had to rely on them coming past me and I just had 90 Sanderlings, 22 Dunlins and 20 Turnstones. I didn't have time to search for any grounded migrants as I had to get back home to do yet more report writing, but it didn't really have a grounded feel to it this morning.

I'll probably treat myself to another 5:30 a.m. alarm call tomorrow morning, but give the real ale a miss so I can get up with more of a clear head! 

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