Tuesday, 7 April 2015

March Ringing Totals

Over on the right I have updated the ringing totals for Fylde Ringing Group up until the end of March. You will see that we have ringed 472 birds of 24 species and we are 350 ahead of where we were this time last year. Four species were added to the ringing list during March and these were Meadow Pipit, Chiffchaff, Jay and Linnet.

Below I have listed the top five ringed for the month and the top ten 'movers and shakers' for the year so far.

Top 5 Ringed in March

1. Lesser Redpoll - 32
2. Blue Tit - 27
3. Chaffinch - 25
4. Meadow Pipit - 24
    Goldcrest - 24

Top 10 Movers and Shakers for the Year

1.Blue Tit - 119 (same position)
2. Great Tit - 57 (same position)
3. Chaffinch - 49 (up from 4th)
4. Goldfinch - 44 (same position)
5. Lesser Redpoll - 39 (up from 8th)
    Long-tailed Tit - 39 (down from 3rd)
7. Goldcrest - 26 (straight in)
8. Meadow Pipit - 24 (straight in)
9. Blackbird - 15 (down from 6th)
10. Coal Tit - 13 (down from 7th)

It's unusual to cancel a planned ringing session because the weather is too good, but that's exactly what's happening tomorrow evening. There isn't going to be enough cloud and with a Waning Gibbous moon it will be too bright to operate mist nets in the dark on the wetland!

It's fairly clear at the moment, but more mist/fog is forecast later, and it may well drop a few migrants in the morning so I'll have to make sure I have a stagger round the Obs before starting work!

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