Sunday, 31 May 2015

Just Waders

The day dawned with torrential rain and appalling visibility out in the Bay, so I decided to return later to the Obs at high tide just to count the waders. Spring migration is virtually over, and autumn is perhaps only a couple of weeks away (no summer in the bird world!), but the last waders are still moving through to Arctic breeding grounds in Canada and Greenland.

When I returned at high tide several groups of waders were roosting on some of the shingle ridges and my totals were 223 Sanderlings, seven Dunlins, 36 Ringed Plovers and seven Turnstones. You wonder how these birds at this late stage have the time to get to the arctic tundra, rear a brood and return before the weather conditions deteriorate in the far north. Amazing stuff!

The forecast isn't conducive for any survey work for me for at least a couple of days so I'll have to keep myself busy having a look on the sea!

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