Friday, 29 May 2015

Rain Stopped Play!

I'm going to give myself ten out of ten for effort this morning after getting up at 0430 to do a sea watch in this morning's weather conditions! Or maybe that should be ten out of ten for stupidity!

It was absolutely pouring down when I got to my sea watching spot and the wind was a good 15 - 20 mph west-northwesterly and it was virtually impossible to find any shelter. We have a choice of two buildings to shelter behind or in front of, but because of the wind direction and the position of the buildings it was near impossible. I could remain sheltered from the wind but get wet, or keep dry but get buffeted by the wind; I went for the second option. However, after an hour of poor visibility and the constant shaking of my scope I packed up and headed home.

During the time I was there I recorded 58 Common Scoters and nine Gannets on the sea. The only waders I had were those feeding in front of me and these were four Ringed Plovers, a Turnstone, a Dunlin and ten Sanderlings. The weather is improving for tomorrow so it will be my third check of the boxes.


Warren Baker said...

Its turning out to be a real nice summer aint it.............NOT!!

The Hairy Birder said...

I know it's starting to p*ss me off now Warren! The weathermen say that we have a few more days of cool wet weather and then it's going to warm up from the middle of next week. Fingers crossed!