Friday, 16 October 2015

First Bramble Finch Of The Autumn

I took another hour out this morning and headed to the Obs. I had full cloud cover with a 15 mph northeasterly wind. It was quiet but as always there were a few bits and pieces to hold my interest, and to be honest even if there wasn't it is still just good to be out.

Grounded migrants included five Goldcrests, three Redwings, a Fieldfare, two Song Thrushes and a Brambling (my first of the autumn). It was a similar picture for the vis with a similar mix of species and I recorded just 75 Redwings, two Meadow Pipits, five Fieldfares, two Alba Wags and four Chaffinches.

A Sparrowhawk caused some excitement as it chased a Song Thrush across the cemetery. I watched the 'dog-fight' unfold until eventually the Song Thrush managed to lose the Sprawk, or the Sprawk gave up to save its energy for another ambush. Spectacular stuff!

I've got an appointment this evening with a box of Orkney Ales freshly arrived from those magic isles, but I'll still be up in the morning. The wind is going to be a touch strong for mist netting so it will be pure birding tomorrow for me, with hopefully some ringing on Sunday.

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