Monday, 2 November 2015

More fog.........

.........but at least this time it dropped a few birds in. I paid a quick visit to my feeding station in the water treatment works, which lies about 0.5 km from the estuary and 1 km from the coast, and has some good migrant attracting habitat.

Compared to my last visit there were good numbers of birds around. Birds that I considered to be grounded migrants were six Song Thrushes, four Goldcrests, six Blackbirds and three Robins. There was also an increase in numbers of tits, finches etc with four Greenfinches, five Chaffinches, ten Long-tailed Tits and 26 Goldfinches. The only raptor I had was a single Kestrel.

It must have been clear above the fog as I could hear Pink-footed Geese, Skylarks and Redwings going over. I topped up the peanut and niger feeders and put some seed and apples out on the ground. I am going to check my farmland bird feeding station tomorrow to make sure that they have finished all the field work in that area and hopefully start feeding. 

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