Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Bit Of Spring In The Hills

I had a pleasant day working on a clients farm in Bowland yesterday where there was a bit of spring in the air even though it was quite a grey dreary day! The spring like activity in the main came from the breeding waders with displaying Curlews and Lapwings as I walked round.

 The view from the office today!

This particular farm has fourteen ponds on it of varying size and something in the order of 6 - 8 scrapes for breeding waders. All of the ponds have breeding Tufted Ducks on them, so in total there will be quite a nice breeding population of them here. I only had six Tufties yesterday, but I just looked at two ponds.

 One of the wetlands.

There was a steady passage north of Meadow Pipits, although I didn't count them, and a calling Tawny Owl from some woodland was nice to hear. So some spring activity to be sure and as it's a long weekend coming up because of Easter let's hope we get some weather to get out watching wildlife!

Primrose; I came across this lone flowering individual in some woodland.

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