Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Quiet Down By The River

Yesterday afternoon I headed down to the river in the hope of a few bathing Gulls as the tide dropped. However, the river hadn't dropped enough and the number of Gulls was limited. I had 187 Herring Gulls, 62 Lesser Black-backeds, 24 Black-headeds, three Common Gulls and two Great Black-backeds.

As the water was high I had very little in the form of waders and wildfowl with just 46 Redshanks making it into my notebook. On the edge of the saltmarsh I had a couple of Reed Buntings and four Skylarks.

On the way back to my car I had a look on the pools and it was fairly quiet with the widlfowl numbers depleted with just eight Tufted Ducks for example. A singing Cetti's Warbler was pleasant to listen to, and it wasn't many years ago that this was quite a rarity here!

It's nest box maintenance time tomorrow and I bet Gail can't wait!

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