Wednesday, 28 September 2016

No Reds Today

I suppose my blog title should be 'no reds yesterday' as it was yesterday that I was back in Merseyside surveying, and you've guessed it I didn't see any Red Squirrels!

I was surveying in the afternoon and evening at the same farmland site and it was slow. I didn't have the luxury of some vis to keep me entertained so I won't beat about the bush and just list the highlights! These were two Buzzards, four Jays, a Kestrel, nine Long-tailed Tits, a Goldcrest, four Grey Wagtails, three Skylarks, 317 Cormorants (flying to a roost), 16 Linnets and 11,000 Knots (flying to a roost).


As the sun set and darkness fell the skies were alight with pinks and oranges from the setting sun and I have included a couple of shots below. It could be seawatching in the morning based on the forecast.

Red sky at night.........


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